B.B. & The Blues Shacks: "Live At Vier Linden" (Germany 2006)
CCD 11088
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1. Hot Shot Bop
2. You Can Always Depend On Me
3. Let's Get Crazy
4. She's Got Her Eyes On Me
5. Can't Hide Love
6. Lose My Mind
7. Stompin' And Rollin'
8. Good Night's Sleep
9. Hear My Baby Naggin'
10. Letter From My Baby
11. Ain't A Home No More

SEK 179:-

recorded live @ Vier Linden, Hildesheim, October 07 & 08, 2005

Michael Arlt - vocals & harp
Andreas Arlt - guitar
Henning Hauerken - upright bass
Dennis Koeckstadt - piano
Andreas Bock - drums

"11 tracks, 61 minutes - recommended. Whether you label them as a retro blues outfit, a jump blues band, or a modern R&B quintet from Germany hopelessly stuck in a timewarp, B.B. & The Blues Shacks command attention, and as much as individual talent is across the board, it's the sum of all parts that makes them one of the finest aggregations playing vintage blues today. Andreas Arlt's guitar oozes brilliance on the opener Hot Shot Bop and brother Michael Arlt's harp playing is soaked in the swamps of Louisiana for She's Got Her Eyes On Me as much as the toughness of southside Chicago for Ain't A Home No More, and as a singer, he's convincing with a powerful voice. The piano of Dennis Koeckstadt, the upright bass from Henning Hauerken, and Andreas Bock's drumming push the rhythms tirelessly from start to finish no matter if it's a blistering swing number like Stompin' And Rollin' that blends ever-so-smoothly into the sweltering slow blues of Good Night's Sleep with more of Andreas Arlt's smoldering guitar. Recorded 'live' in front of an enthusiastic hometown crowd, these guys are all business. Superb and tight."
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