T.H.U.M.B.E. - The Ultimate Blues Experience (Sweden 2008)
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1) Casa Blanca
2) We got the power
3) You got to give
4) Take me away
5) Ready, steady, go!
6) Psychic Sue
7) Breathe
8) Give it a chance
9) Strangers
10) Round and round
11) Dreamer Part 1
12) Dreamer Part 2

SEK 129:-

Hans Schakonat guitar, vocals (Schakonat Bluesband, Shine On)
Magnus Nilsson (MNFS) guitar, vocals (Shine On)
Dan Helgesen keyboard, vocals (Emrik, Clapton Is God etc.)
Henrik Ohlin bass, vocals (ex-Queen Bee &nd The Zydeco Amigos)
Mikael Stålbom drums, vocals

Previously called themselves 'The Knickedicks' and became a hit with the audience at the Göteborg Blues Party 2004, doing impressive guitar blues and soul. At that time they played well chosen covers only, but on this debut album they do 100% original stuff. Influenced by other artists of course (who isn't): Myself I believe I hear traces of Pink Floyd, Traffic, Keith Emerson and The Cream. Lots of sounds, many pedals, many Marshall amps, manylayered vocals. Lots of strong colours in all. But also a nicely performed folk blues from Hans, featuring acoustic guitars and accordion. And a sparsely arranged piano ballad from Henrik. Good stuff.