Bjurman: "Fogerty Files" (Sweden 2008)

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1) Travelin' Band
2) Molina
3) Long As I Can See the Light
4) Born on the Bayou
5) Down on the Corner
6) Have You Ever Seen the Rain
7) Almost Saturday Night
8) The Old Man Down the Road
9) Bad Moon Rising
10) Lookin' Out My Backdoor
11) Lodi (jam)
12) Who'll Stop the Rain
SEK 99:-
Apart from Ola Bjurman himself you will find these eminent musicians on the CD:
Hasse Olsson Hammond organ, Bernt Andersson accordion, Lena Malmborg vocals, Mats Ronander harp and vocals, Martin Tallström lapsteel and dobro, Staffan Stavert harmonium, Andreas Gidlund saxophone and clarinet, Markus Ahlberg trombone. And Olle Nyberg keyboards. Peter O Ekberg is the arranger, producer and guitar player. Furthermore Pete Oakmountain is featured on drums...

A Tribute to John Fogerty
Fogerty Files

Swedish rock and blues singer Ola Bjurman have in co-operation with guitarist and producer Peter O Ekberg recently made a concept album called “Bjurman Fogerty Files” © 2008 POE Productions AB. All rights reserved. This album is a tribute to John Fogerty´s magnificent songwriting throughout the years. -We would like to think that “Bjurman Fogerty Files” is not an ordinary cover album, says Peter O Ekberg. It is a very humble tribute to - and celebration of - one of rock history´s greatest composers and performers ever. Peter continues: - This year 2008, it was 40 years ago Mr Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival released their first album. And man, we had quite a few songs to choose from. - We tried to approach and interpret the music and lyrics in a personal way since we were painfully aware of the fact that we could not ever get close to matching the original versions, concludes Peter O Ekberg.

Pressrelease – Bjurman Fogerty Files

In January, 2008 I ran across my old friend, Swedish blues and rocksinger Ola Bjurman at a restaurant in downtown Gothenburg. Ola´s and my paths have crossed many times through out the years.

This particular evening we started talking about maybe doing something musically together. Although both of us have been in the music business for many years we had thus far never managed to work along side. We sat down and ordered some food and drinks and decided this was the time to do it. The question was what to do. What musical project could we both agree on and be able to truly put our souls and hearts in? We exchanged ideas, songwriters and various concepts for quite a while until we realized that we both loved the artistry and songwriting of John Fogerty. It then dawned on me that it was exactly 40 years ago this year 2008, since John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival released their first album. (Time flies, doesn´t it) Well, agreed. We decided on some songs to try and interpret (and believe me, there are quite a few to choose from). A few days later I started to work on some sketches and outcasts for arrangements and then I began recording in my little home studio.

Off and on, during time off from my nowadays regular work, on weekends and holidays, the album slowly but surely started to take shape and form. I have to mention that some mutual and dear old music collegues of ours helped out to make sure the finished album sounds the way it does. Thanks folks!

The CD Bjurman Fogerty Files (POE CD001 © 2008 All rights reserved) is our own personal interpretations and humble tribute to one of the worlds greatest songwriters and lyricists and to his musical legacy, Mr John Fogerty.

I would like to emphazise the importance of understanding that this album containing Mr Fogerty´s songs are by no means an effort on our part to try to make better versions than the original ones. That would unconditionally lead to musical suicide and a total failure. Nothing tops the originals! Let me just make that one very clear. With Bjurman Fogerty Files we merely like to point out that times may go by, new music and new styles come and go but some songs and some artists and writers in the music business´ history should never be forgotten.

It is with pride and joy I hereby present the CD Bjurman Fogerty Files (POE CD001). A truthfully respectful tribute to John Fogerty.

POE Productions AB

Peter O Ekberg