Harmonica Sam: "Rocker No. 1" (Sweden 2008)

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1. I'm gonna catch you
2. Big door
3. Honey hush
4. Barefoot rock
5. Don't say that you love me
6. Rocker No. 1
7. It's me baby
8. It's lovin'
9. To my pretty baby
10. This train
11. It's a man down there
12. Up to date lover
13. It's all your fault
14. Wild cherry
15. No more Mr Lonely
Previously 149.00

A good reason for celebration: the 1st album under his own name for Samuel Andersson a.k.a. Harmonica Sam.
A great musician from the south of Sweden. A player we have admired on stage in Göteborg (where I live) in visiting bands from The South: Per & The Ouagadougou Blues Quartet, Sir Jay & His Blue Orchestra and Fats B and The Homeless. A truly gifted harmonica player with a wonderful blue tone - obviously a Little Walter fan. On this album Sam also displays his vocal prowess in full: intense, aggressive, fully convincing. Blues & rock'n'roll & rockabilly melted into one. Forget labels: this cd ROCKS!

A solid back up band makes the album complete: The Domestic Bumblebees (= Daniel Kordelius & Co.) plus Boppin' Steve on piano & the well praised guitar stylist Fredrik Rosén.