Joe Fournier: "Dirt Road Joyride" (Canada/Sweden 2008)
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1) The Wreck Of Tammy Whelan
2) Real Cool Car
3) I Drive A Wreck
4) Bad Record Collection
5) Gooned Up
6) Stone Cold Heart
7) You're Still Everywhere
8) Juanita Dog Walk
9) Thumbful
10) Sang Like A Bird
11) She's My Speed
12) Bigger Than Actual Size
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previously SEK 139.00

Canadian gives credence to Swedish label

This is the sort of music you expect to be delivered with every second or third hand truck, the more beat up the better. Take a rust-bucket, engine-knocking, exhaust blowing, tyre-whining beater, sell with this CD and instantly the prospective driver jams up the volume doesn’t notice the faults, signs on just to get the CD, foolproof. A mixture of John Fogerty and Jim White, underneath the bluster there is a genuine eye for detail and storytelling that doesn’t get in the way of a decent riff.

As a calling card ‘The Wreck of Tammy Whelan’ is a slap in the face with a rolled up copy of ‘No Depression,’ we don’t need that sort of thing around here, we’ve got stripped down unpretentious music with a heart. A heart that serves up ‘Stone Cold Hearts’ a sepia toned paean to the golden age of Hank Williams and ‘You’re Still Everywhere’ Nick Lowe armed with a broken heart and a song as sharp as a broken beer bottle. ‘She’s My Speed’ is the type of thing Tom Petty can’t manage these days.

Sure some of this is a bit unreconstructed, some of it even sinks into jokey blues but all the weaknesses do is to throw into relief the nuggets like ‘Sang like a Bird’. It’s a shame Fournier is hidden away on a Swedish label - he’s powerful enough to make a noise in his homeland.
Date review added: Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reviewer: David Cowling
Reviewers Rating: 6 out of 10