Sven Zetterberg: "Soul Of A Man - 1990-1999" (Sweden 2004)
AMIGO / AMCD 2037 Tracks Price

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1. My Nerves Gone Bad
2. Permanently Blue
3. The Chokin Kind
4. I'll Never Do You Wrong
5. You Know My Love [studio - previously unreleased]
6. What Can A Man Do
7. I Need Me Somebody
8. People Don't Do Like They Used To Do
9. One Day At A Time [studio - previously unreleased]
10. Nine Pound Steel
11. You're Breaking My Heart
12. Will It Be Me Or Him
13. Bloody Tears
14. You Took Off With My Life
15. Open House At My House
16. Living In A Borrowed Time [from the Fjellis Fjellström tribute CD "Till och från en blå man"]
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