Slowburn: "Bring It On" (Sweden 2007)
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1) I Wonder Why
2) Another Man Down
3) Turn The Page
4) My Friend Jack D
5) Man In Pain
6) He's Gone
7) Bring It On
8) Katrina
9) Fifty Reasons Why
10) Headfirst
11) All My Tears
SEK 69.00
(previously SEK 129.00)
Slowburn's long awaited 2nd album, "Bring It On", is out, offering a somewhat rawer, bluesier sound, partly because of the style of their new lead guitar player. Excellent guitarist Mattias is now succeeded by yet another excellent gent, Kalle Ruuth: a veteran blues guitar wielder despite his comparatively young age. Joakim, vocalist & songwriter, always infuses lots of pain into his personal lyrics, and Kalle's smoldering guitar work translates those dark words into blue sounds in an admirable fashion. Check it out!
"A strong and attractive second album with great sadness and blue feelings. A couple of covers is also included, a song by Bob Seger and one of Julie Miller shows what it is all about." - IFPI, (Jan 09, 2008)
"A pity for the band that the United States already exist, now that they invented it at home." - Björn G Stenberg, Uppsala nya tidning (Jan 30, 2008)
"I bought their album "Devil in my blood" and it has grown further with each listening. Lord God this is gooood! You, who still have a heart left in your body, check out this band!" - Hansa Svensson, Fridhammar music (Mar 25, 2007)
"Jocke open the first set with his own "The Luckiest Man Alive" and it may have been about his feelings for his own band." - Christer Fridhammar, Fridhammar Music (May 15, 2006)
"This band knows that the muscular and masculine make more impression if you leave some air into the music." - Nils Hansson, Dagens nyheter
"Listeners not only hear the music but they can actually feel the love, the passion and the pain. " - Deb Odom, Unsigned musicians webradio Florida