Lightnin' Moe: "Rock 'n' Roll Baby" (Denmark 2006)
BRR 001
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1) You Never Can Tell
2) Rock 'n' Roll Baby
3) Forgetting You [James Carr]
4) Take A Chance
5) When I Get Old
6) Show You My Love
7) You Never Wear My Ring
8) Let The Conscience Be Your Guide
9) Need Your Loving Tonight
10) Talk Is Cheap
11) This Is My Time
12) Crying Over You
13) Astatic Bullet
14) Can't Stand
SEK 129:-

Rock 'n' Roll Baby is here !! It features 13 original songs and 1 cover version of a old James Carr ballad. A wild mix of Chicago swamp Texas Blues added a whole lot of house rockin'. In short a blend of American music from 55 to 65. CHECK IT OUT !!