Jacob & the Jackals: "South From Memphis" (Sweden 2007)

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1. South From Memphis
2. Caught In A Trap
3. Lover’s Lane
4. Be My Queen
5. Everyting I Do
6. Vicksburg Blues
7. The Jackal Boogie
8. Pickin’ Up The Pieces
9. Put Your Spell On Someone Else
10. If You See My Rider
11. Bayou Side
All songs written by Jacob Steinwall

SEK 99.00
previously SEK 139.00

"Well, that’s an out and out lie! Unless every atlas in the world is wrong, and Sweden has somehow managed to relocate itself several thousand miles south and west of it’s current location. It’s album number three from the Jackals, following on their "Workin’ Class" album in 2003 and their eponymous second CD in 2005, and it’s an absolute treat!" -Stuart A Hamilton, Blues Matters!
"I don’t often, if ever, give a 6-Bottle review to European bands but Jacob & The Jackals sure sound like they’ve been on the Bayou for decades. 6 Bottles of Hadacol for a Real Treat from Sweden by way of Crowley, Louisiana. It’ll put pizzazz in your hip shake and lead-in-your-pencil.." -Andy Grigg, Real Blues Magazine