Day Warren: "Country Blue" (Sweden 2007)
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1. If you happen to be in my neighbourhood
2. Little ol' wine drinker me
3. Good deal Lucille
4. Funny how time slips away
5. Don't be angry
6. She thinks I still care
7. I'm so lonesome I could cry
8. Country girl
9. Lost highway
10. Watermelon time in Georgia
11. Blue eyes crying in the rain
12. You are my sunshine
13. Today I started loving you again
14. I washed my hands in muddy water

SEK 129:-

Swedish rock'n'roll & country musician does his favourite country songs on this, his 3rd album. Nice selection, from Hank Williams onwards through the years. Check this guy out: the SXSW Festival in Austin TX were out to get him many years ago already!