Dominators: "Rough Ride" (Sweden 1995)
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1) Regular Backdoor Friend
2) Over And Done With
3) Heartbreaker
4) Drive My Ford
5) Half Pint Of Whiskey
6) I'm Gonna Tell On You
7) Lovey Dovey Lovely One
8) Rockinitis
9) Mr. Highway Man
10) Naggin'
11) Right Now Baby
12) Cat Squirrel
SEK 129:-

The three tracks I have included samples from here should illustrate quite well who the Dominators were:

Stefan's own "Regular Backdoor Friend" amply illustrates his songwriting talents, soon to flourish with his writings for bands like The Instigators, Bluebirds and his own duo with Marcus Svensson.

Bob Wills' "Let's Get It Over And Done With" is a Western Swing classic: not a genre that Swedish blues bands are/were known for dipping into...

Johnny 'Guitar' Watson's "Half Pint Of Whiskey" from the mid 50's. The masterful guitarist and songwriter who's songlist turns up more and more in the hands of Göteborg's blues players. Today that is, in 2007.

Excerpts from a review by Mats Karlsson in JEFFERSON BLUES MAGAZINE, issue No. 112 1996:

"...firmly rooted in the blues, rhythm&blues and rockabilly of the 1950's."
"Their own songs are of a high quality: Stefan Dafgård's Regular backdoor friend is excellent Louisiana blues à la Excello and Paul Epäilys' Drive my Ford is tough rockabilly, reminding you somewhat of Robert Gordon."
"Dominators have dug deeply when choosing covers. The most fun choice is George Fleming's I'm gonna tell on you which is from the category unknown rockabilly... Right now baby is rockabilly, too. Over and done by the western swing hero Bob Wills is done in a rocking version.
Junior Wells' Lovey dovey lovely one is one of the album's best songs and Howlin' Wolf's Mr. Highway Man is just as rough as the original from the Sun studio..."
"Dominators have succeeded well with their mix of blues and rockabilly."