Gumbo: "Everyday Sensation" (Sweden 2004)
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1) Lonesome, Sad And Blue
2) Everyday Sensation
3) Cold Cold Heart
4) I Don't Wanna Grow Up
5) Wheelin' And Dealin'
6) Free Single & Disengaged
7) Forever And A Day
8) The Clown
9) Call Up The Doctor
10) Go To The Mardi Gras
11) Little Speedy Weedy
12) Play This Song Mr. DJ
13) Little Liza Jane
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Excerpt from Gumbo's website:
"Recorded live in top vintage studio Varispeed, this album brings You back to the sweet sound of the 60's and 70's. It digs deep in New Orleans soul and funk styles, and also shows the abillities of songwriter Mikael Westman. Everyday Sensation was loved by critics all around. It was named "best Swedish blues album 2004" and even made one critic "wanna throw himself into a wall out of shear happines."
Review by Mr Blue Boogie • Belgium • 2004-03-17
What’s Gumbo?
“Gumbo" is a classic Cajun one-pot soup or stew. It has been called, "the greatest contribution of Louisiana kitchens to American cuisine." It originated with the first French settlers of Louisiana. Desiring to make their beloved bouillabaisse, but lacking its traditional ingredients, the immigrants began substituting local foods instead. With time and the subsequent contributions of Spanish, African, and other people of the region, gumbo became its own unique dish. The word gumbo is derived from the African words for "okra" (guingombo, tchingombo, and kingombo), which was often used as a thickening agent, but not all gumbos today contain okra. In fact, there are as many recipes for gumbo as there are cooks in Louisiana! The making of gumbo draws out the competitive streak in many Louisianans, and most cooks closely guard their recipes
So far our cooking lessons. In Europe Gumbo could have different meaning. One of them you’ll find in Sweden. A rich musical gumbo of New Orleans, Louisiana is a spicy melting pot of jazz, rhythm and blues, Cajun and zydeco, funk and rock.

From Sweden comes the new & outstanding blues outfit Gumbo. They play the music from New Orleans, Louisiana as it is meant to to be. Combining their skills, they bring you the real hot New Orleans sound from today. Mikael Westman on guitar & vocals, Per-Johan Atlin on piano, Michael Edlund on drums, Henrik Bengtsson on Bass and Andreas Gidlund & Olof Skoog on saxes, please welcome GUMBO….

“Lonesome, Sad and Blue” is the opener of this album and truly sums up the feeling of this song. It’s a cool up tempo Honky Tonk tune, that’s make you ass wiggle, your feet stamp & your lips wistle… it’s Gumbo time. A soul spiced blues tune that brings you in the mood for more is next. “Everyday Sensation “ is the title track from this album and spins onver 3 min. If you ask me “New Orleans Gumbo style isn’t an everyday sensation in Sweden, but hey they have to start somewhere. “Cold Cold haert”, the Hank William Classic is blues with a Big B. Music straight from the very heart. On “I don’t wanna grow up”, Gumbo play with the funky side of the blues, a cool track that immediately reminds me of Johnny Guitar Watson. Putting out of the same well is “Wheelin’ and Dealin’”. However the organ & horn section do add some soul flavour to it. Well a good cook know his spices and Gumbo surely does.

“Free Single & Disengaged” (a 5t’s Huey Smith cover) is something totally different. An up tempo song that find its origin in mixture of Samba & Bo Diddly… You’ll think I must be kidding, but this is true. The drum pattern & percusion is definitly samba orientated, but the song is clearly Bo Diddly style. (I have no idea what the origianl might sound) It’s my favourite track & surely a party popper.

“Forever and a day” is little intermezzo into alt.blues rock, where singer Mikael Westman explore some edges… A short take (only 1.56min)but a good one. “The Clown” brings you back by the origin of the CD. Good ol’ blues in the New Orleans way, including a wonderfull organ & piano. “Call up the doctor” is another blues track, but this time power chords are the key here. And with “Go to the Mardi Gras” (a proffesor Longhair calssic) you’ll have more of the same. “Little Speedy Weedy” is the first and only track that clocks in over the 3.30 minutes. Meaning it’s time to explore the blues as it meant to be. On this +5 minutes track, you’ll get everything you want. A good horn section, a damn good piano solo & most of all a beautiful song.

Honky Tonk music is a key to New Orleans, but also on “Play this song mr DJ”. Fine interaction between guitar, piano & horn section on this up tempo song. Something we always like. Last but not least is “LittleLiza Jane”. Another favourite of mine and again a on a short take (true to the traditional style of the song). To my honest opinion, some of the songs should have been a bit longer. More solo’s and exploring some bounderies instead of 3.20 minutes pop songs. But hey that’s only my idea. Remember, the soulful vocals and stinging guitar of charismatic front man Mikael Westman, the pounding piano of P. J. Altin, the bouncing bass of Henrik Bengtsson and the driving drums of Michael Edlund are serving up hot platters of original songs and well chosen classics. So come on: open a beer, grab a partner - and "Let 'em Roll"!