Bluebirds: "Sweet Jambouree" (Sweden 2001)
MLPCD 3313
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1) Sweet Jambouree
2) You Don't Know
3) Wake Me Up
4) So You Got What It Takes
5) I Won't Let You In
6) Bonie Bee
7) Oooh Whee Baby
8) My Baby's One Of A Kind
9) It Aint Worth It
10) Rumble & Stumble
11) Desire
12) Sea Cruise
13) Crazy Love
14) Matching Numbers
15) Cuttin' In
SEK 129:-
"Sweet Jambouree" is Bluebirds' only issue (so far) on a major label and is generally considered their most polished, most commercial effort to date. Granted that this may be true, there is still some raw & blue stuff in there. And their version of Johnny 'Guitar' Watson's "Cuttin' In" is a gem on the CD - and a true showstopper on stage.