Bluebirds: "Finest Rhythm & Blues Collection" (Sweden 2004)
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1) Don't Ever Let Me Know
2) Don't Know Why
3) It Takes More
4) Rumble & Stumble
5) Wake Me Up
6) Home On Wheels
7) Cuttin' In
8) Oh Baby!
9) Nowhere To Run
10) Spend Your Time
11) How Long?
12) Big Mamou
13) Stranded
14) Change My Ways
15) Love Birds
16) Feeling Blue
17) Walkin' On Thrills
18) Mox Boogie
SEK 129:-

This is a collection of issued and non-issued studio tracks plus a few choice live cuts. Bluebirds have (so far) recorded four full length CDs: "Walkin' On Thrills" 1997 (out of print), "Oh Baby!" 1999, "Sweet Jambouree" 2001 and "High Performance" 2003. This collection features cuts from these CDs. Plus other good stuff, for example the Louisiana rocker "Big Mamou" live on stage at Åmål Blues Fest in 2000. Songwriter/guitar player, known from KnockOut Greg & Blue Weather, has penned "Don't Ever Let Me Know" for the Bluebirds. And Matti Ollikainen, jazz & blues pianist extraordinaire and a touring Bluebird is smoking hot on his own "Mox Boogie" dedicated to Studio Mox ini Denmark - where it all began.