Peter Nande: "Big Boy Boogie - California Sessions Vol. I (Denmark 2006)
Straight Shooter Records
SHOT 001
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1. Cat Be-gone (P. Nande)
2. I Need a Woman (P. Nande)
3. Mover & Shaker (P. Nande)
4. Comin’ Home (R. Busack-Boysen, P. Nande)
5. She’s Mad Again (P. Nande)
6. Confessions of a workaholic (P. Nande)
7. Snollygoster (P. Nande)
8. Ol’ Sleepyhead (J. Harman, P. Nande)
9. Kiss Me Now (J. Harman, P. Nande)
10. King of Bad Excuses (P. Nande)
11. Mr. Nice (P. Nande)
12. Lucky Charm (P. Nande)
13. Big Boy Boogie (J. Harman, R. Busack-Boysen, P. Nande)
SEK 129:-
Using imagery from the world of automobiles: A stylish bodywork by Scandinavian handicraft, sturdily built on a chromed California chassis. Totally functional of course, still gleaming dazzlingly. A swinging mixture of West Coast and Chicago blues: Thirteen original (thanks!) songs penned by Peter Nande - and sometimes a cohort or two. Produced by legendary James Harman and performed by Peter Nande and his guitarist Ronni Busack-Boysen plus an assortment of US blues players, picked out of the A-Team. Almost illegally good. AND a beautiful CD cover to boot.

Peter Nande: Vocals/harmonica
Ronni Busack-Boysen: Guitar
Carl Sonny Leyland: Keyboards/organ
Buddy Clark: Bass
James Michael Tempo: Percussion
Hal Smith: Drums
Nathan James: Guitar nr. 1, 2, 6
Jr. Watson: Guitar nr. 8, 11, 12, 13
James Harman: Vocals nr. 9, 13

"It’s fun, got nice grooves, excellent musicians. Peter Nande is a great blues harp player/singer."
Gary Primich

"I love it!!! Everything, songs, performance, spirit and sound – GREAT!"
RJ Mischo

"This stuff goes down smooth! Thank you, baby!"
James Harman