Cyclones: "Street Altered" (Sweden 2005)

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1) Green Eyed Blonde
2) Blow Me Down
3) A Ship Came Sailin'
4) I Don't Care
5) Shorty's Got To Go
6) Branded
7) I Had A Dream
8) Where You At
9) Change Your Mind
10) Ain't Got No Money
11) Fire Of Love
12) Rattlesnakin' Daddy
SEK 139:-

Whereas a lot of rockabilly type of bands seem to be very one dimensional, these cats have delivered an album that encompasses a relatively wide range of influences. Starting off with the garage-rockin' 'Green Eyed Blonde', we move on through the ska-tinged 'I Don't Care', the seemingly obligatory Link Wray cover (and they have a decent stab it it, especially compared with
certain other bands), then there's something that wouldn¹t have sounded out of place being recorded by Louis Jordan. Every time I hear a Swedish band it seems that they're even better than the last Swedish band I heard!

Shindig Magazine / Murray Abisch

Frank: There're enough clues on the cover to make an estimated guess of what kind of music can be found on the disc inside. First of all there's the label; Heptown Records. Second of all, on the play list one can find covers of F.L. Wray Sr. and Nelson-songs. So it's pretty safe to state that the Swedish Cyclones album 'Street Altered' is probably a rock'n roll album.

And yes, right from the get go ('Green Eyed Blonde') it's clear: this is rock'n roll. To be precise: this is authentic rock'n roll with a shot of blues and a dash of jazz. The track list is a well-balanced mix of covers (i.e. 'I Don't Care', 'Shorty's Got To Go', 'Branded' and 'Rattlesnakin' Daddy') and Cyclones songs (i.e. 'Green Eyed Blonde', 'Blow Me Down' and 'Ain't Got No Money'). It's a compliment for the band that their own songs blend in with the covers. Less smooth than Dr. Feelgood or the Dutch Desoto, but at least as compelling these Swedes work their way through the album. Highlights are 'Where You At', 'Ain't Got No Money' and the already mentioned 'Green Eyed Blonde'. This is the kind of band that will do well in a small pub, of which there're quiet a few in the Netherlands (get the hint?).

Granted, this album isn't everybody's cup of tea, but if you're looking for a dose of well-settled rock'n roll, this release could be the answer.

Lords Of Metal / Frank Score 79/100