Angela Hacker: "Angela Hacker" (USA 2005)
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1) Wishmaster
2) Off
3) Undertow
4) Say What You Mean
5) Saturated
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The "Angela Hacker" CD, recorded in 2005, features five of her original songs. Two of them are co-written with other musicians: "Off" with Kevin Rye and "Saturated" with Scott Boyer. Scott is easily the more well known of the two: guitar player, singer, songwriter of Cowboy fame (Cowboy being a prime southern rock band who issued four albums 1970 - 1977 on Macon GA's Capricorn label). Currently member of The Decoys a.o. This pool of musicians is also the basis of Capricorn Rhythm Section who have provided professional backing for countless celebrities. And speaking of songwriting, Scott has written "Please Be With Me" on Eric Clapton's album "461 Ocean Boulevard", written songs together with ace country music song writer Donnie Fritts. And on and on.

Back to Angela's CD. Five well written songs recorded with diverse backup approaches: From a lighter pop/rock sound (traces of The Pretenders?) to beefy rock. Acoustic guitar or pedal to the metal. Both sounds suit her very well: personally I go for the lighter end of the spectrum. It is all a matter of taste.