Lee Marvelous: "One Step Right Behind" (Sweden 2005)

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1) Stockholm Ain't The Place
2) No Way
3) One Step Right Behind
4) That Might Be She
5) Pale White Punk
6) Me And Johnny
7) Lovely Lorna
8) Big Strong Man
9) Yellow Creep
10) Traveller's Blues
11) I Leave The Forgiving To The Lord
12) Just Plain Fun
13) Sing For Me
now SEK 84.00
previously SEK 139.00

"Lee Marvelous are a rockin’ country band from Sweden. With a terrific retro feel and some catchy original songs ... the band really kicks ... There's definitely a Johnny Cash influence going on here and if you like the sort of thing BR549 do, then you’ll probably like this - and like that group Lee Marvelous sound as if they'd be great live too."
(Julie Flaskett, Country Music People, USA)

"Sweden’s Lee Marvelous sounds like it has spent a formative year as the house band at a roadhouse on the outskirts of Stockholm, whooping it up with good-time country honky-tonk fresh from the U.S. circa 1958. Yee haw".
(From the editors of "download.com", USA)

"A brilliant sound with galloping guitars and baritone voice crucial to the genre. One step right behind is one of the best Country Rock albums this year."
(Daniel Albini, ,Italy)

"A smashing Swedish sensation! The band that was formed at a Johnny Cash gig has their first album out and it knocks you down at once! I thought about how to describe this music and the most appropriate I could come up with was "Electric bluegrass".".
(Polar Internet Radio, Sweden)

"The band formed at a Johnny Cash-concert 1997, and is right now enjoying fantastic reviews in the Swedish press... ...feels like the updated version of classic bands like "Jason and the Scorchers"...
(Border Music, Sweden)