The Al Tehler Blues Band: "The Al Tehler Blues Band" (Sweden 2000)
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1) You Don't Know
2) No Reason
3) The Hustle
4) You're Gonna Need Me
5) Matchbox
6) Bad Luck
SEK 99:-

If you today (2006) look at the history of The Al Tehler Blues Band you could for the sake of simplicity label the lineups as Mark I, Mark II and Mark III respectively.
Mark I then being the earliest edition with six feet tall Tomas Carlsson on vocals: the version which recorded the 1996 miniCD "R&B".
Mark II featuring vocalist Wolfgang Bünz which is the lineup on this six track CD "The Al Tehler Blues Band" (2000).
Mark III with young Martin Bällgren at the microphone.

So this was the Mark II edition on this very CD:
Al Tehler guitar
Wolfgang Bünz vocals (in 2006 leading Wolfblues)
Örjan Hill
piano/organ (in 2006 leading Hill Blues Unit)
Lars Mellqvist
bass (a busy guy: in 2006 a member of Mr Bo & His Voodooers, Hill Blues Unit, Berras Bluesorkester)
Leif Mårtensson drums

Plus The Scandinavian Blue Horns:
Mia Samuelsson trumpet (in 2006 working with events, musical and others, for The City Of Göteborg)
Torbjörn Stenson tenor sax (in 2006 still with Al Tehler)
Peter Johansson trombone (in 2006 back with Al Tehler)