Jesper Lindberg: "Banjoism" (Sweden 2006)
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1) Klacksparken
2) Sidmouth Junction
3) Cripple Creek
4) The Cuckoo
5) Been All Around This World
6) Chilly Winds
7) John Hardy
(G minor)
8) John Hardy
(G major)
9) Papa Dip
10) A Minor Dance
11) Deep River Blues
12) Hard Times
13) Blackberry Blossom
14) Black Rock Turnpike
15) Bingsjöschottis
16) Clinch Mountain Backstep
17) Stealin'
18) Foggy Mountain Breakdown
19) Duelling Banjos
20) Remington Ride
21) Sniberup Stomp
22) I've Just Seen A Face
23) Sniberup Stomp (extra)
SEK 99:-

Growing Grass
Active in Stockholm around 1970-1972. Evolved from one of the first bluegrass bands in Stockholm, The Fake Mountain Boys. Started out as a new wave bluegrass band, played more and more western swing, early country rock and Dylan songs. Released two albums. Reunited for one concert in 1991.

Grus i Dojjan
This folk rocking outfit is celebrating its 36th anniversary 2006. The grey panthers of rock, swing & punk are still touring and having a ball. They are most known for the hit ”Kaffe utan grädde är som kärlek utan kyssar”. They have released plenty of albums along the way. The band is based in Skåne in the south of Sweden, and their energetic showman, singer and mouth harp player Krutte Hedberg is still crazy after all those years.

Hounds of Heaven
Shortlived country rock project, based in Laholm around 1975. Inspired by Poco, Flying Burrito Brothers and of course, the late great Gram Parsons, the mix of country and rock the band played didn’t have an audience in Sweden at the time. Released the album Saturday Nite Special 1975.

Cajun Hurricane
Formed in Stockholm in 1996. The quartet shares the love of cajun, zydeco, swamp rock and jambalaya & hot crawfish Louisiana style. They have played in New Orleans and are currently very active in Sweden and on the Stockholm club circuit. A Louisiana Saturday night party band from the arctic bayou of Stockholm.