Bluebirds: "High Performance" (Sweden 2003)
BLUE VIBE MUSIC / BV-02 Tracks Price

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1) It Takes More
2) Down The Road
3) Come To Papa
4) It Doesn't Matter
5) Droptop
6) Down Home Girl
7) That's The Way U Wanna It
8) I Wanna Love U Baby
9) My Heart Is Bleeding
10) Cadillac Twist
11) Can't Treat Me This Way
12) Three O'Clock Blues
13) Don't Know Why
SEK 119:-

A great CD with lots of selfpenned songs (the majority of them to be precise) plus a neat cover design, paying homage to the movie classic "The Godfather". This is blues with more than a touch of rock'n'roll, often defying categorization. "It Takes More" opens the CD in a rolling, rocking T-Birds vein, followed by the wistfully sung "It Doesn't Matter" and Leiber/Butlers "Down Home Girl" complete with honking saxes. Not to mention one of my personal favourites, the impassioned soul number "I Wanna Love U Baby". Selfpenned of course. Other highlights: The snappy energetic "Droptop" with Stefan Dafgård on wailing harmonica, the Freddy Kingish "Cadillac Twist" - and if you want stone blues: a forceful take of BB King's "Three O'Clock Blues" with Patric going for broke on his guitar.