Pat Huggins & A Damn Good Band: "Swede Home Alabama" (USA 2004)
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1) Easy Street
2) A Long, Long Way To Go
3) My Secret Love
4) Blood Money
5) That's What I Want, That's What I Need
6) A Runaway Train
7) Bad Reputation
8) In My Dreams
9) I've Gotta Leave Tel Aviv
10) I Ain't Half As Bad As I Feel
11) I'll Do It Or Die
12) Let It Go
13) Lowdown
14) Carry Me Away
15) Walk On Water
16) Pure Love
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Back in 1999 Pat was living and working as a pilot in Brussels, Belgium. During his days off he traveled up to Sweden to visit friends and it was during that trip that he met guitarist Erik Weissglas. They threw together a bunch of Pat’s songs and within a week were playing at various bars and venues around Göteborg under the name of Pat Huggins & A Damn Good Band. Soon they were in the studio with their quickly formed band recording the first tracks of what was to become “Swede Home Alabama”.

Pat took the tapes back to Muscle Shoals and worked on the rest of the project for the next couple of years. He was able to enlist some great players, such as veteran studio percussionist Mickey Buckins, tenor and baritone sax player Brad Guin, alto sax and vocalist James Roy and keyboardist N.C. Thurman.

With the album “Swede Home Alabama” in its final stages, Pat went back to Sweden in May 2004 and entered the studio together with his Swedish band mates: Erik on guitar, Björn Almgren on saxophone, Owe Almgren on bass and Martina Almgren on drums. Partly to finish the ongoing album, partly to start working on their next album, finally called "The Lost Causeway". They cut seventeen basic tracks in two days. One of those songs, “Blood Money”, actually ended up on “Swede Home Alabama” at the last moment. A harsh commentary on current world affairs, “Blood Money” amply displays the rawer side of Pat’s music.

On “Swede Home Alabama” Pat paints a musical landscape from a palette of diverse colours. “Easy Street” opens the album with its playful groove, optimistic lyrics and soaring guitar break. “A Long, Long Way To Go” rocks harder with a country rhythm and a raw blues guitar solo. “My Secret Love” is a tender wistful ballad and “That’s What I Want, That’s What I Need” offers up J.J. Cale-ish cool and scorching slide guitar heat. “Walk On Water” is a foray into rough’n’tumble southern rock with a handclap beat and riffing guitar. Very different from the final track, “Pure Love”: an intimate affair with a lone Pat on vocals, guitar and lapsteel, almost whispering his confession into the microphone.