Pat Huggins & A Damn Good Band: "The Lost Causeway" (USA 2006)
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1) Still Tickin'
2) X-Ray Eyes
3) Everyday
4) Dirty Dog
5) The Power Of The Spell
6) I Am Right Here By Your Side
7) When We Were Young
8) The Nine A.M. Blues
9) The Lost Causeway
10) Lazy Forever
11) God, Damn It, I Love You
12) Runnin' Away
13) I'm Only Human
14) It's Just A Matter Of Time
15) I Wonder
16) No Man's Land
17) The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fall
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Album number two, “The Lost Causeway”, offers up a lot of musical treats: ”A Dirty Dog” with its New Orleans groove, the gospel soul of ”Everyday”, a dreamy Gershwin styled ballad called ”Lazy Forever”, the ’down-home’ dobro song ”Runnin’ Away” and a piece of lyrics written in a Randy Newman mood called ”God, Damn It I Love You”. Plus 12 more songs.

Andy Riggs writes in the 'Americana UK' website:
"Pat's muse is best heard when he has his foot off the gas, on songs like 'Lazy Forever' and 'I Am Right By Your Side,' and on the live 'The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fall' he tries to encompass all the injustices in life. If you have any Tom Russell records in your collection then Huggins is worth the trip".

Andy Riggs also notes "the sepia toned booklet is an excellent introduction to Huggins and his roots". Very true: The booklet is strikingly handsome. Pat has obviously rummaged through drawers and photo albums, going through the family collection of photographs and ending up with a number of gems.