MC Hansen Band: "Bogrough Junction" (Denmark 2004)

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1) Joe's Uncle
2) Sweet Loretta Mae
3) 20 Years (Dying in the News on a Sunday)
4) Movin' On
5) Shine On
6) Liquid Woman
7) Bittersweet Country Song
8) The Way Things Used To Be
9) Bogrough Junction
SEK 129:-
It would be a tough task to try to label this album. MC Hansen Band can offer up cool smoky jazz blues in "Joe's Uncle" (imagine Vaya Con Dios at their best), almost traditional country stuff à la the great Tom T Hall ("Sweet Loretta Mae") or desolate folk blues with banjo and slide ("Liquid Woman"). They can open a song in a simple folk music mood and then, in the next verse, go for broke on Hammond organ and saxophone. Or as in "The Way Things Used To Be" - told by a man who left home at 34 and now is filled with nostalgia - throw themselves squarely from sacred organ backup to roaring wahwah guitar. And it works - it works perfectly. But forget that boring labelling stuff.

He is a good vocalist, Mr. Hansen. Tells us with feeling about imagined people and their destinies in the little village of Bogrough Junction. His own original material only, songs he can be proud of. I bet MC Hansen could write the very perfect song for Van Morrison. And I furthermore bet that his impressive band could be the perfect backup band for Bob Dylan. So there!