The Instigators: "Chaka Chaka" (Sweden 2002)

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1) Too Late
2) Across The Tracks
3) 'tang
4) I'm So Lonesome
5) Do It If You Wanna
6) Repo Man
7) El Capitain
8) Get Back!
9) Do The Kangaroo
10) I Got More
11) My Baby's Sweeter
12) Young Girl
SEK 59.00
(previously SEK 99.00)

The last Instigators album also became their masterpiece. Despite none of Göran's Johnny Guitar Watson licks which I admit loving so dearly. No, this is more pedal-to-the-metal stuff in a Fabulous Thunderbirds mood, roaring like a revving V8 engine in both speakers. As in Göran’s "'tang", a raw T-Birdish boogie with powerful mouth harp, in "Get Back!" displaying even more T-Bird rubber smoke, in "Young Girl" which would have done Elmore James proud. And when Göran's slide finger finally gives up Stefan's harp valiantly takes over. One of those songs that always made the walls of Nefertiti and Jazzå cave in. Doest thou remember the New Year's Eves at Jazzå? Pooh!

And speaking of Pooh: "Do The Kangaroo" is a suggestive swamp blues with tremolo guitar and rattlesnake rattles. Not so much Baby Roo cute, more Heffalump heavy. "Repo Man" is another heavy weight contender: Göran's fat guitar riffs and snake charmer scales are straight out of the depths of the darkest dungeons. But there is some lighter fare too: the opener "Too Late" with insistent harp riffs, fast paced "Do It If You Wanna" with its snappy guitar solo and "Across The Tracks" conjuring up Little Charlie & The Nightcats in my little brain. And then Stefan's happily optimistic "I Got More", a mixture of rock'n'roll / blues / country rock that makes me go dig out that dusty Stetson, imbibe a quick Jose Cuervo and go PARTYING! The Instigators were justly famous for that effect.