Grapeland: "Reality Show" (Sweden 2005)

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1) Reality Show
2) Pretty Ones
3) Hail To The Show
4) Heaven Is All
5) Phobic Phil
6) Remind Me
7) Shade In Me
8) Bric-a-brac
9) Cavalry
10) It's Not You
SEK 129:-

Ulf Zackrisson, chief editor of the guitar magazine Fuzz (Sweden's equivalent of Guitar Player Magazine) writes in No. 10/2005:
"It is very obvious that these gents have been at it before because this debut album is impressive. Good songs, a nice and well sounding production, brilliant vocals from Schelander, excellent playing from Svenningsson (also doubling on bass) and the rest up the backup band.

Grapeland is rooted in the American rock tradition carried on by names like Tom Petty, Buddy Miller, Steve Earle and others, without falling into the copycat trap I must add. "Reality Show" feels completely honest.

Songs standing out are for example the title track "Reality Show", having an obvious hit potential with most ingredients such a song needs: a catchy intro, a powerful verse and a lovely refrain that sticks immediately. I also fell for the positive country rock of "Pretty Ones" veering a bit towards Buddy Miller. Nice guitar solo from Olle Schelander. Other excellent songs are "Hail to the Show", standing out a bit extra with its shades of British power pop. Here supported by Bengt Bygren on organ. Grapeland can also handle the ballad genre with conviction, particularly in the suggestive and nicely arranged "Remind Me".

An impressive debut album from a band with lots of promises for the future."