Dusty Brown: "Another Turn" (Sweden 2005)

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1) Bastard
2) Let It Rain
3) Reaching
4) I Do
5) Scream
6) Enough
7) Hug
8) Back
9) The Letter
10) Another Turn
11) Take My Hand
12) Hide
13) Bright Light
now SEK 84.00
previously SEK 139.00

A review written by Robin Cracknell and borrowed from the impressive British website Americana-UK:

"What is it about the Swedish psyche that finds such inspiration in the Americana tradition? Dusty Brown, a seven-piece from Gothenburg, is yet another fine example of country music’s rampant cross-fertilisation, confirming again how one culture can appropriate the bones and heart of another. Apart from a few unconvincing hoe-downs, there is plenty of variety on this well-produced collection. From the catchy harmonies of ‘Let It Rain’ to the bleary ‘Enough’, Dusty Brown have a seasoned sound that belies their relatively short time together. What the songs lack in lyrical content is more than balanced by solid playing and clean, honest production. Vocalist Magnus Hansson distinguishes himself on the slower tunes like ‘Another Turn’, ‘Take My Hand’ and particularly on the hypnotic Buddy/Julie Miller-esque ‘Bright Light’. Swedelicious."
Date review added: Saturday, May 28, 2005
Reviewers Rating: 7 of 10