Voxhall Blues (Sweden)

From the recording session of "Night-Shift At The Factory". Photo by Vanja Fridhammar
Night-Shift At The Factory

A soulful blues quartet with members living in the City of Göteborg and out on the islands of the adjoining archipelago. Always a good draw on the west coast blues scene; local heroes on the islands. Not only because of their snappy oneliners, delivered incessantly without remorse from the stage. A live attraction (and very much so) who decided after six years to finally record a proper album - and to record it LIVE 'n' cooking in the studio. A very smart move as you will hear from this CD.

An experienced outfit this: Ulf Andreasson vocals, guitar, slide guitar, Willy Brink, keyboard, vocals, Erik Billander bass and Tommy Johansson drums, vocals. With merits from several Swedish bands on and off the blues scene. Tommy the drummer is BTW also the drummer of Slowburn: another quartet, this one boasting original material in a slithering southern rock mould.