The Unkool Hillbillies (Sweden)

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Pause 'n' Rewind (2011)
Evil Times (2009)

"To be uncool is cool!" (Boppin Around, Holland)
"Explosive piano led rock'n'roll" (Now Dig This, UK)
"Brilliant mix of rock and roll, Jive, rockabilly and swing" (BillyBop, Belgium)
"Heart and soul to which you can dance and shout" (Rockabilly Magazine, USA)
"Make you happy, make you dance, make you smile and move hip" (Rockabilly Bash, Holland)
"This is blues rock, boogie and rock'n'roll performed in the way we like the best" (ROCK Magazine)
"Why these six Swedes call themselves unkool is hard to get... They look sharp and sound way cool" (Blue Suede News, USA)
Five great Swedish musicians form The Unkool Hillbillies. They started late 2002, have released four CD's (the lastest Pause 'n' Rewind in 2011) and they have have along with frequent performances in Scandinaviia also toured over Europe and USA.