Tim Lothar Petersen (Denmark)

Photo from Tim's website
Photo: Bobtje Blues

"Influenced early on by Mississippi blues greats like Huddy Ledbetter and Robert Johnson, Lothar has been developing his own particular style of clawhammer slide accompaniment to his own lyrical composition with a voice that cuts through the room like gravelled steel.
Tunes like "Shake It And Break It " and "In It For The Ride" displayed a real mastery of guitar technique which would be as at home in the Louisiana Bayou as the bars of Copenhagen."

So say "Shetland News" (!) after witnessing an amazing live gig. And so say many more!!

CD Album
Stories (2012)
with Peter Nande:
Two For The Road (2009)
In It For The Ride (2008)
Cut To The Bone (2006)
Blues lovers in Göteborg, Sweden (where I live) are used to see and hear Tim Lothar Petersen as the drummer of the Danish blues outfit Lightnin' Moe & His Peace Disturbers: in every way an electric band with a powerful groove akin to that of The Fabulous Thunderbirds.

But there is another side of Tim, amply illustrated by his debut CD "Cut To The Bone". A mixture of original stuff and songs by the old masters: Charlie Patton, Willie Brown and Leadbelly. Sung and played on acoustic guitar by the versatile Tim.
Low budget in production - but not in a musical sense. Fave cut: Tim's selfpenned "Katrina", a blues with a message, dealing with the New Orleans disaster. Droning suggestively, starkly contrasting with "Amalina" - a light and merry instrumental fit for the soundtrack of a pastoral idyll. Bravo!
Drummer photo: Vanja Fridhammar (Göteborg Blues Party 2005)

Press info from the website of Tim Lothar Petersen

In Denmark, Tim Lothar Petersen is well known as a drummer at the Danish blues scene. More than 900 gigs at clubs and festivals all over Europe has made him a very rutined and experienced musician. Now he has taken up the guitar and plays the music that stole his heart long time ago, the country blues of the Mississippi Delta. With an old acoustic guitar, a Dobro and a rusty slide, his performance shows great respect for the music that once was played at bars and juke joints down south. Inspired by blues greats as Charlie Patton, Son House, Robert Johnson, Skip James and many others, he plays and sings some of the songs that, long time ago, were radio and jukebox favorites.

Concert review from Cafe Beau the L'Air, Hamme, Belgium – sep. 2006:
”He plays a perfect mix between its own work and the classics of the old blues-masters. For the whole evening we stayed in a higher region, in this smoky club with
the purest tones of the blues.
My god... I did not know that Denmark was a part of Mississippi.
Tim Lothar Petersen is white on the outside, but on the inside he's black as a coalmine.
Thank you Mr. Petersen... for this wonderful, beautiful evening.”
Marc Bouillon – Bobtjes Blues Pages