T-Bear & The Dukes (Sweden)

Göteborg Blues Party 2011
Photo © Vanja Fridhammar
Ice Machine (2013)

"Dukes of Rhythm guitarist and vocalist “T-Bear” would be one of the finest young blues players in Chicago, if not for this simple fact: he’s not from Chicago. He’s from Sweden. His real name is Torbjörn Solberg, and he plays like a cross between B.B. King and Chuck Berry. His blues wail has a bit of an Elvis growl in it and his original songs are as badass as any of the classics. "

Thus wrote Michael Macomber when reviewing a previous album ("Let The Sweet Talk Flow" EL TORO Records) for the website Retro Music Review. I do not believe he has changed his mind since then. And Torbjörn still has a brilliant band from Arvika, Sweden, behind him. These days also featuring a Hammond organ master, Mr. Paul ”Palle” Wagnberg from Norway. Making the picture complete.

Click on the link above leading to our page about the "Ice Machine" CD and read what a seasoned US blues listener thinks. Then listen to the samples. Then order the album ...

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