The Spooners (Sweden)

Photo © The Spooners, from their website
The Spooners

I do not know much about this band but I am glad to have them in my list. Fredrik Lind, the bookseller with the great taste tipped me off to them. Reading their websites I found out that The Spooners have been playing together since 2001. "Starting as a trio, briefly and happily a quartet and now a trio again, our music has always been mainly acoustic and low-key." A band living in Stockholm, often found playing at Aguéli Café.

Checking out their MySpace page I found under 'sounds like': "Low-Key Acoustica with lots of harmonies, harmonica, accordion and slideguitar."
And their influences? Gillian Welch, Bruce Springsteen, Josh Rouse, Calexico, Jeff Buckley, Tim Buckley, Roky Erickson, Damien Rice, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and more. Good stuff.