Slowburn (Sweden)

Joakim and Patrik @ KoM Oct. 26 2007
Photo: Vanja Fridhammar
Bring It On
Devil In My Blood
Slowburn's long awaited 2nd album, "Bring It On", is out, offering a somewhat rawer, bluesier sound, partly because of the style of their new lead guitar player. Excellent guitarist Mattias is now succeeded by yet another excellent gent, Kalle Ruuth: a veteran blues guitar wielder despite his comparatively young age. Joakim, vocalist & songwriter, always infuses lots of pain into his personal lyrics, and Kalle's smoldering guitar work translates those dark words into blue sounds in an admirable fashion. Check it out!
Live review below represents band at time of 1st release: "Devil In My Blood".

SLOWBURN: May 11 2006 at KoM Bar, Göteborg
Joakim Ramstedt vcls and acoustic guitar, Mattias Olofsson guitar & dobro, Patrik Andersson electric bass and Tommy Johansson drums.

Still reeling from two great gigs by Peter Grahn and Dusty Brown I suddenly find myself standing in front of yet another impressive roots rock group - and a brand new one at that! Tonight's the night for California country rock. In several songs you can hear the wings of The Eagles fluttering from a distance, us Göteborg folks can reminiscence the sorely missed The Remedies - and sometimes the guitar player goes for a Dire Straits sound. Lots of original stuff penned by Joakim plus some carefully chosen covers of Buddy Miller, Emmylou Harris and Springsteen. And a sweet - but short - "Love Hurts".

Jocke opens up the first set with his own "The Luckiest Man Alive" and the title could refer to his feelings for the band. In no way does this sound as a debut gig - even if the 2nd set is still more solid. A nice unison groove and the guitar player Mattias switching between Telecaster and dobro is a gem. The Tele has a beautiful creamy tone and great sustain, and Mattias does not only decorate the songs, he pushes the band - from the front. Jocke himself has an excellent voice (shades of Don Henley now and then) and an unusually convincing pronunciation. And then all these strong songs - where are all these talented people coming from?

A row of fine originals: Nice medium tempo country in "Devil(s) In The Dust" with a dobro, rawer rock in "Here Comes The Blues Again" with loads of blue edged Telecaster, "Devil In My Blood" with its desolate desert sound. And the sound of desolation sticks with me and solidly colours the whole song list: the sharp cactuses and dusty palms, the golden smog at the horizon. Where is my tequila? Where is my burrito-de-luxe? Where are you gonna gig the next time??!!
Christer (2006-05-15)

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