Serve You Right To Suffer (Sweden)

Promotion photo: from left Bror Gunnar, Bengt, Bernt, Kjell & Gunnar
Serve You Right To Suffer (2012)

Serve You Right To Suffer: an impressive lineup of Gothenburg blues musicians. And the name of the debut album from these seasoned veterans.

A little bit of background:
Apart from Bror Gunnar (who is Kjell's son) all these guys were once members of Gin House Bluesband ('67 - '70).
Bengt Blomgren gtr + Bernt Andersson vo, keys, harp + Kjell Jansson bs + Gunnar Pettersson dr. A milestone band.

Bengt, Bernt and Gunnar went on to form Totta's Blues Band with Totta Näslund and Nikke Ström.
Anybody interested in the history of Totta's Blues Band is welcome to jump to my attempt to chronicle the history of that stellar band.

Serve You Right To Suffer, however, is NOT a 'city blues' band in the vein of Totta's outfit. This is a band with their roots further back in music history, in country blues. Click the album link above right, listen & enjoy!

Bror Gunnar Jansson: vocals, guitar
Bernt Andersson: harmonica, accordion, piano, vocals
Bengt Blomgren: guitar
Kjell Jansson: bass
Gunnar Petersson: drums