Road Dust (Sweden)

Fryshuset 1981
Photo © Road Dust

Road Dust

Legendary bluesband from Gothenburg, Sweden. Active 1978 - 1982, spawning several of Gothenburg's finest blues artists of today.
The lineup was Thomas Carlsson vcls/hca, Åke Björnstad guitar, Tony Borg guitar (succeeded Åke), Alvar Tehler piano, Jan Jansson bass, P-O Hesselbom drums.
Thomas, Åke and P-O went on to form Forever Blues.

Road Dust: "Blues"
A 12 track compilation:

12 tracks recorded in studio and on stage from September 1979 to July 1981.
Plus one live track from the band's first reunion gig at the local blues bar Louice in April 2004.
A special website about band history & CD - in Swedish only, sorry (nice pix though)