The Remedies (Sweden)

The Remedies: poster picture. Click the picture above and enjoy the original uncut picture - it's great!
Photo: Lars Ardarve I guess. Drummer Eric Olausson has designed the beautiful CD booklet.

The Remedies lineup:
Martin Johansson (later on changed his name to Martin Gabriel): Lead and backing vocals, electric/acoustic guitar and mandolin
Olle Schelander: Lead and backing vocals, electric/acoustic guitar and banjo
Anders Olausson: Electric and upright bass
Eric Olausson: drums and percussion

A 2006 quote from Grapeland's official website, a band boasting one of The Remedies' two main men as a member:

"Olle “Olzon” Schelander is a talented musician with a long history as guitarslinger in various ‘cover music' oriented bands out of Gothenburg , Sweden. A few of these bands fed Olle with the urge to start writing original songs to seek new musical challenges. Among the bands were Sweetwater, a band in the southern rock field in which young Schelander served as guitarist and songwriter. Sweetwater recorded one CD in 1994 which received extensive international recognition. Further acclaimed projects include The Remedies, where Schelander further improved his song writing as well as his vocal skills. Now leaning more towards the country/rock and Americana side of musical traditions, the Remedies produced one CD, “Unfiltered” (1999). “Unfiltered” received much critical acclaim and even caught the ears of the Nashville musical industry thanks to the strong songwriting from both front men in the band. The band toured extensively though out Scandinavia for several years. The Remedies disbanded a few years ago, but Olle Schelander has continued his “back porch” songwriting extensively."

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