Pilgrim (Sweden)

Photo © Pilgrim
Harbour Girl (2009) SEK 149.00
Pilgrim (2005) SEK 84.00

From Pilgrim's MySpace page:
"Pilgrim met at the bar twin sisters Karin and Maria ran in Gothenburg in 2001. We discovered we loved the same music. We began playing and singing the songs of Stanley Brothers, Johnny Cash and Louvin Brothers. In 2005, we released our first album "Pilgrim" which received very good reviews and was voted best country record of the year in Scandinavia. Focus was on the twins' beautiful harmonies and the sound was more country flavoured than it is now.

The band broke up for a year but came back in 2007 as a rootsier and totally acoustic combo. We still play old country and bluegrass oriented music but with more original material. Up until now we have called the band Pilgrim Sisters, but since sister Maria has taken a break from the band we have gone back to the name Pilgrim. During the spring of 2009, 16 songs have been recorded at KONK studios in London with producer and legendary Kinks rocker Ray Davies. Our new album "Harbour Girl" is to be released in October and we will open some of Ray's shows this fall."

From the Mail Order editor:
A Göteborg band formed around the twin sisters Karin & Maria, at the time of this recording running the local music bar KoM. Hillbilly & country, Louvin Bros. & Delmore Bros., Gram P & Emmylou H. When Pilgrim played their own bar you could give the expression S.R.O. a new meaning: Standing Room Outside. On the pavement. Not only musically gifted, but also imbued with a special charm, easily reaching out to their diehard fans in their large audience. Two of the eminent musicians of Pilgrim are featured on their own pages of this website, namely Marcus Svensson and Peter Gran. Check out their stuff, too!

PILGRIM: Friday 23/9 2005 at Röda Sten, Göteborg. Release party for the debut CD "Pilgrim" on Dusty Records.
Karin Forsman and Maria Forsman Larsson vocals, Tomas Larsson electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin, tres, Peter Gran guitar, banjo, Marcus Svensson slide, dobro, Christian Kullberg stand up bass and Martin Fürst drums.

Lots of party people clutching beer glasses, mingling in the shadows of brutally hardlooking stone walls, giving the solid impression of a heavy rock place. But the Pilgrim sound with one foot in the world of bluegrass and the other in electric (and eclectic) country music put us in a completely different mood, and the beautifully frail "Oh Lord, If You're Out There" even put a dead stop to the bar noise. Achingly beautiful - and then Pilgrim shifted into higher gear and rolled into 'honky tonk land', giving Tomas ample opportunity to show off his prowess in 'country telecasting'. Sure, Pilgrim can deliver the Bakersfield country of "Tiger By The Tail" just as well! Hmm, what cannot they deliver?

A band of many faces, a band with a personality, a very charming one. And a GOOD band. Just like the eagerly awaited CD. Well written original songs plus a strong collection of borrowed ones. If there is any fairness in this trade, Pilgrim could be BIG!
Christer (2005-10-02) Photo by Vanja Fridhammar