Per & The Ouagadougou Blues Quartet (Sweden)

Per Månsson, Göteborg Blues Party 2005.
Photo: Vanja Fridhammar

Second Jive (2004)

The ambitious blues society Malmoe-Copenhagen Blues Connexion wrote this in 2005 on their website (from their archives):

(Our translation) "A band that swings hard. The band, based in the county of Blekinge, has blown the roof off at several blues places in Sweden with their harp player ”Drop out Sam” . The repertoire is Chicago blues with a 50s rock'n'roll style slant.
The band who has gigged at most blues festivals in Sweden celebrated their 10th anniversary by issuing their 2nd CD, ”Second Jive” with Sven Zetterberg as a guesting musician....

Per Månsson: guitar, vocals
Samuel ”Drop out Sam” Andersson: harmonica
Oscar Appelquist: keyboard
Mattias Schertell: stand up bass
Per ”Svannte” Sennerhall: drums"