Pelle Lindberg Band (Sweden)

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Put Your Foot Down (2011)
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"Pelle Lindberg has been a household name in Sweden for the last 30 years. He's known for his fantastic tone and the ability to always play what's right. His ability to play for the song has landed some big gigs with a few of the greats in bluesmusic including: Sam Myers, LA Jones, Michael Dotson, Kellie Rucker..

In 2007 Pelle put togheter his own band simply called Pelle Lindberg band. In spite of the bands short carrer they have mangaged to play at some prestigious festivals and clubs throughout Sweden. PLB has also done 2 tours with Kellie Rucker and is a first-call band when artists visit Sweden and Denmark.

Significant for the band is also the members focused soloplaying and ability to take it to the fith gear, something that has to be experienced live! Pelle Lindberg band releases it's debutalbum entiteled "Put your foot down" in November 2011. It is a heavy album with a lot of tradition tied to it."

Simon Mårtensson - Vocals, organ and dobro.
Pelle Lindberg - Guitar.
Stefan Rosqvist - Guitar.
Alfred Andersson - Bass.
Mickael Walle Wahlgren - Drums, percussion.