Paul & the Blue Delivery (Sweden)

Busy autographing their new CD at Göteborg Blues Party 2006
From left: Jim, Magnus, Ari (in shades), Paul & Matti
Photo: Vanja Fridhammar
Everybody's In A Hurry

'Everybody’s In A Hurry', that’s what Paul 'Palle' Alfredsson chose to call his latest album with his group The Blue Delivery. Well, they haven’t been in that much of a hurry, have they? He started Paul & the Blue Delivery in 1998, the 1st CD ("Just In Time") was issued in 2002 on the Göteborg label Last Buzz and now in 2006 "Everybody's In A Hurry" is released on Futuramic Records. Which is the band’s own label (snazzy symbol), named after an elegant Oldsmobile from the late 40’s / early 50’s. But I’ll be fair: they have played a lot of gigs through the years, mainly in their own name but also as an unusually sympathetic back up band behind blues musicians as Keith Dunn, Little Jimmy Reed and Big Jack Johnson (USA) plus Big Joe Louis (Great Britain).

When other Swedish blues bands have veered off into other directions, jumping into a soul bag, lining up a pastel suited brass section or turning up their amps for a heavy Texas blues sound à la Stevie Ray Vaughan, Blue Delivery have singlemindedly stuck to their pure Chicago blues. "Just In Time" presented stone blues Chicago style with Palle’s harp up front. But lately the band has loosened up: the last few gigs have signalled a broader repertoire and the new CD is definitely stepping off Maxwell Street’s well worn pavement. And speaking of song lists, a great big hand for Blue Delivery whose new CD is all original material with bass player Magnus Lanshammar as most proficient writer.

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