Pat Huggins (USA)
Pat Huggins & A Damn Good Band (USA + Sweden)
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Photo: Vanja Fridhammar
Wayward Songs (2010)
Write On! (2009)
Shoal Music (2008)
The Lost Causeway (2006)
Swede Home Alabama (2004)
5th CD "Wayward Songs" 2010
Pat Huggins and A Damn Good Band:
Once again feat. a.o. Spooner Oldham (Muscle Shoals) on keys and Kalle Ruuth (Göteborg) on guitar.
4th CD "Write On!" 2009
Pat Huggins and A Damn Good Band:
Feat. a.o. Spooner Oldham (Muscle Shoals) on keys and Kalle Ruuth (Göteborg) on guitar.
3rd CD "Shoal Music" 2008
Muscle Shoals Demos 1985 - 1991. Previously unissued stuff with Muscle Shoals pros as back up musicians. Great songs, none of them on previous CD's.
Pat Huggins from Alabama is a truly gifted person: a great performer of course, but perhaps even more outstanding as a songwriter. I have been a friend of Pat Huggins for a few years now, hanging out with him a lot - but also listening to his CDs and checking him out on various Göteborg stages.

And all this talent has inspired me to help him out with the writing of press releases and such stuff. So I am not ashamed when I quote parts of his press material below: I have written it myself so I vouch for it!

Pat Huggins always had a passion for flying – and for music. On one hand he is a Boeing 727 captain by profession. On the other hand he has been writing and performing songs for over 25 years. His roots are in northern Alabama and that is where his house still is, standing at a crossroads literally named Sweet Home. Not so very far from the city of Muscle Shoals, the birthplace of the legendary “Muscle Shoals Sound”, created by Fame Recording Studios and Muscle Shoals Sound Studios.

Living close to this hotbed of music through the years it is not so surprising that you can find legendary studio cats like bass player David Hood, drummer Roger Hawkins, keyboardist Spooner Oldham, guitarist Larry Byrom and percussionist Mickey Buckins among Pat’s musical accomplices. And not surprising at all that Pat through his career has opened concerts for artists the caliber of blues superstars Little Milton and Bobby Rush and country cult hero David Allan Coe. Kinda’ comes with the neighbourhood.

Working under the name “Pat Huggins & A Damn Good Band” Pat has written and produced several albums of musical cooperation between himself and an accomplished group of musicians and singers from Göteborg Sweden and Muscle Shoals, Alabama. A spicy gumbo of fresh American roots music: blues and country spiced with soul, southern gospel and rock'n'roll.