Nobodies Bluesband (Sweden)

Photo borrowed from band's website
Long Time Comin' (2010)

From the band's MySpace page:
"Nobodies Blues Band was formed in the late eighties. Back then they weren't really a blues band but just a nameless band playing rock for fun. After a while they noticed that what they were actually playing was blues. That's when they took the name Nobodies Blues Band.

The music's travelled more towards the blues each year, but you can still trace some rock in there. There has been a bunch of people in NBB over the years. The only 2 original members are Lars-Göran (guitar) and Kenneth (drums). Late in 2000 I (Jimmy) joined the band and a couple of years before me, Peter (Keybords) joined up. Our newest member is also named Peter (bass). He joined up in 2008. And that's the bands line up today."

John Mayall, Walter Trout, Robben Ford, Pat Travers, Robert Johnson and all the good ol' guys in blues."