MC Hansen (Denmark)

Photo © MC Hansen
Live At The Brewery (2013)
Pariah (2009)
Bogrough Junction (2004)
Musings from back when ...

Lately I have realized that I have listened much too seldom to roots music out of Denmark.
Apart from a few albums by solid blues musicians like Kenn Lending, Lightnin' Moe and Trouble Cats the Danish section of my private music collection glares embarassingly empty. This simply had to be rectified - and so the MC Hansen Band entered my little world!

I heard them on stage at Jameson's Pub in Göteborg in April 2006 and scribbled the following lines:
My own Danish favourites are back at Jameson's with their own songs plus a collection of well chosen country, folk and blues gems. Kind of good old The Band, but from Denmark - and today! In other words: great stuff! Dylans glorious "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" and "When I Paint My Masterpiece" beside the traditional "Going Down The Road Feeling Bad" done with a lot of Woody Guthrie feeling. But also a desolate sounding blues number with echoing reverbed guitar, cooly sophisticated, as if picked off a Ben Sidran album. And then into "a sweet country song" as MC said, oh so purty Americana with pedal steel and all the trimmings.

Still, the song that floored me most this time around (I missed part of the gig, though), perhaps partly because it was such a surprising selection, was their version of Stevie Winwood's "Can't Find My Way Home" from Blind Faith's album. Extremely solid group playing - and then two wailing Claptonesque solos from Rune's agile fingers, by now gripping a Gibson Les Paul. Outstanding!