Mats Sturesson (Sweden)

Photo © LarsErik Tobiasson (from CD booklet)
Slow Starter
The talented Mats Sturesson, both actor and musician, has for a long time been influenced by music from all kinds of scenes. His long awaited debut album displays this diversity thoroughly, featuring a wide mix of Mats' own original material (in Swedish), several of his favourite blues songs from the US, some country influenced stuff - plus even a few comedy songs, sung in the Swedish language.
Mats is also well known on the blues scene as a guitar player and vocalist in the blues outfit the Twisters from the city of Växjö:

Stefan Karlsson vcls/hca, Mats Sturesson lead gtr, vcls, Calle Bjelke rhythm gtr, vcls, Anders Lennartsson organ, Anders Andersson bass and Sven Karlsson drums. Mats standing to the far right in the photo, armed with his trusty Stratocaster.

Photo © Twisters.