Tim Lothar & Peter Nande (Denmark)

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Two for the Road

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Tim Lothar & Peter Nande is a blues duo, but not an ordinary one.

Pour yourself a tall, cool one and relax… put your feet up, wiggle your toes a little and let your mind jump that old rusty boxcar with “Lonesome Tim” and “Big Boy Pete.” You know Peter as the harmonica-playing front man of The Peter Nande Band. Tim Lothar is the band’s drummer, and as such is a rare, wonderful, extremely musical player. But he’s also a singer and guitar player, and together Tim and Peter create authentic-sounding country blues.

Tim’s signature guitar style blends pure Mississippi Delta slide guitar with Piedmont finger pickin’ and a taste of Deep Ellum/North Texas. His singing combines moody, melodic chanting with an incredible, natural vibrato, plus old-time jump-up th’ow-down country preacher ranting that you won’t often hear. Peter, Copenhagen’s favorite son, sings his share of his original blues songs and offers a healthy dose of that patented, sexy harmonica that he’s known for.

Tim and Peter love performing as a duo just as much as playing with the whole band. On the new cd “Two for the Road” they present twelve new songs that feature their talents as country blues artists. These two artists have won several national awards for their recordings and performances, so they bring much to the party.