Lightnin' Moe (Denmark)

Göteborg Blues Party 2005
Photo © Vanja Fridhammar
Rock'n'Roll Baby
Undercover Lover

"Should enter the world stage and if there is any justice conquer it"
Blues On Stage - USA

"To the Norwegian Blues Clubs: Get them over here. Now!"
BluesNews - Norway

"Moe's vocal chops are keen and his harmonica tone is the beefiest around. These guys should tour the States"
Blues Revue - USA

"File this in your Lynwood Slim--R.J. Mischo--Rick Holmstrom--Alex Schultz section. Solid Dancin' Jive and Blues, from Denmark. I played half the CD on my last show, it's that good!"
Rockin' RalphOldies Unlimited Blues Rocket-KHDC 90.9 FM (USA), referring to previous CD

"This is one of the best CDs I have come across in the past 12 months!!!!
Absolute gutsy delivery. Authentic sound.Dynamite harp!!! I've had it on in my stereo,in the car non-stop and gave it a first play during this week's program.A great effort - thanks for blessing us blues lovers with your music!! Keep it up!!" Martin "Lester" Dunstan"Lester" referring to previous CD
(Martin presents "JuzBlooz" on Tuesdays at 8.30 pm, 3WAY FM 100.9 MHz,Warrnambool, Australia).