Lady Michelle (Sweden)

Photo: Vanja Fridhammar
At The End Of The Road

The first few times I heard Lady Michelle sing were at local blues jams in Göteborg. Not always the best surroundings for a female vocalist with a personality I am sorry to say. But it was obvious to me that - somewhere in that Stratocaster din - a lyrical talent wanted out! In the end the good forces triumphed and Lady Michelle formed her Blue Band. I wrote the paragraphs below after thoroughly enjoying their debut gig (?) in February 2004:

- I'll say it again: Michelle Einarsson is a true personality. Baring her soul for us - but yet with a giggle. With a deep closeness to her audience but with a healthy distance to herself. Singing the blues with the foreboding voice of a Wagner songstress - or with the girlish charm of a young chanteuse. Her own songs are just as personal. Superficially to be filed under jazztinged blues - or perhaps bluestinged jazz. But a close encounter will reveal musical moods as diverse as those of Edith Piaf, Brecht & Weill or some Russian folk singer raised on the river of Volga.

- Her new band must be a dream come true. Conny's supportive stand up bass and P-O's dynamic drumming form the perfect foundation. And then the musical elegance of Åke Ziedén, the hero of tonight's game, armed with a beautiful Les Paul guitar. "Rune Gustafsson meets The Blues". Closely followinging the vocal's twists and turns, embroidering, sometimes doing masterful filigree work. But with a sharp toothed bite when necessary. Yep, Michelle is home at last, that's how I feel about this band.

- She opens with lyrics about Michelle's alter ego "Voodoo Woman" (Lord if I raise my hand the sky begins to cry!). So typical! Sounds like one of her originals, but no it's not. Then a blue cover of "Miss You" (Rolling Stones) with a melodic guitar solo. Her own "You Pay As You Go" with a neat chord solo by Åke - one of several. Funky "Love Somebody" - an original song drawing loads of applause. Robert Cray's "The Dream" in a slow moody tempo. A tasteful "The Thrill Is Gone" and then a high point: her own slow blues "My Song" with an unusual but beautiful chord sequence.

- One fine blue evening, with Michelle Einarsson vocals and keyboard, Åke Ziedén electric guitar, Conny Sävmo standup bass/electric bass and P-O Hesselbom on drums.

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