KnockOut Greg & Blue Weather (Sweden)

Photo © KnockOut Greg & Blue Weather
Photographer: Ulf Sandström
Telling It Like It Is (2002)
KnockOut Greg & Blue Weather was an excellent band from the Stockholm area with a long proud history behind them. Started out in 1987 already I believe. Today (2009) the band seems to be very much defunct, but please keep your eyes & ears open for gigs by the Stockholm outfit 'The Beat From Palookaville' AND by the Englishman Mike Sanchez: the KnockOut gents tend to turn up in those musical circles.

KnockOut Greg & Blue Weather performed blues, jumpblues, swingblues. Music from the 40's, but just as well their own original songs inspired by the masters. A very visual band: impeccably dressed, permanently swinging. Stylish.
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