The Kingbees (Sweden)

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Big Boys 'n' Pink Ladies
Lasse ”Lee” Ericson was - as far as I know - one of the founding fathers of the Bluebirds.

Sometimes a merciless boogie woogie pianist, sometimes a restrained tinkler of the ivories, he adorned the first three CD's "Walkin’ On Thrills” 1997, ”Oh Baby!” 1999 and ”Sweet Jambouree” 2001. Then he decided to launch his own outfit, the nattily dressed Kingbees.

Promotion photo
The CD "Big Boys 'n' Pink Ladies" was issued in 2004 on Last Buzz Record Co. and the follow-up "Stories To Hold You Spellbound" in 2006 on Ladyface Records. Both CDs display Lee's considerable songwriting talents, already evident on the Bluebirds' records. "Big Boys" boasts 9 tracks penned by him, out of 13 tracks altogether. Respect!