Joe Spinaci Combo (Sweden)

Photo © Joe Spinaci
Burnt Toast (2009)

"Joe Spinaci Rock & Roll Swing Jumpblues Surf Combo!": that's how this band label themselves on their MySpace page. A hot & cool mixture no doubt. And a cool collection of Malmö musicians led by Mr. Joe Spinaci himself. Although his REAL name seems to be Carl Alberto Bettini. A man with a vast passion for "groove and swinging music" in the mould of "Louis Prima, Django Reinhardt, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin to mention a few..." BTW: this busy gent fronts yet another band of a somewhat larger size: Joe Spinaci & the Brookolino Orchestra.

Back to the Joe Spinaci Combo: when you listen to their CD "Burnt Toast" (2009) you will notice a passion for the blues and for New Orleans style rock'n'roll as well. A passion they share with an eminent band out of Göteborg, Gumbo: an outfit who just like the Spinaci combo enjoy doing a delectable version of "That Mellow Saxophone" on stage.

How about those blues then? Do not worry: their recording of Duke Robillard's "I Don't Want To Say Best Wishes" is simply a little masterpiece. A suggestively slow tempo, a gleaming guitar solo. Stylish stuff.

I have to report being predisposed favourably to this CD because of two further factors: a great take of "People Gonna Talk" originally done by the gifted Englishman James Hunter. And the record label itself: Box Records in Limhamn, i.e. the record label run by Jalle Olsson, head honcho of The Buckaroos. Trademark of quality, 'nuff said.